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serendipity the hard way

Just returned from an artist in residence lecture only to find out the software i have been dying to use and/or get dirty with for the last two years is a huge part of the piece they are working on.very cool…photosynth.

visual kiosks – something to learn

tufte designed a kiosk interface for the national gallery years ago (unimplemented).. it’s a REALLY interesting topic and read. esp his review of iPhones interface and the lack of “computer administrative debris” in it’s interface and thinking about that in relation to kiosk design.


Tufte’s post

The design ideas here include high-resolution touch-screens; minimizing computer admin debris; spatial distribution of information rather than temporal stacking; complete integration of text, images, and live video; a flat non-hierarchical interface; and replacing spacious icons with tight words. The metaphor for the interface is the information. Thus the iPhone got it mostly right.

Web 3.0 – or the end of popups – or Seadragon

I would love to do something with this sweet technology using our little project here in Troy.

If you have not yet seen Blaise Aguera y Arcas: Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo, you’ll need to go watch it RIGHT NOW.

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