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shannon k. johnson has been told she is a renaissance woman, an epicure, and a bundle of contradiction.
It goes something like this:

:: east coast / west coast
:: carhartts / dark garden corsets
:: cultural producer / athlete
:: tea + wine snob / grease monkey
:: athletic trainer / jazz musician
:: artist / flyfishing fanatic
:: filet mignon / kraft original mac -n- cheese
:: bataille / harry potter
:: star wars / orlando
:: city / country
:: jeep / audi tt
:: voyeur / recluse

you get the idea.

Her earliest memories are of lying under the car with her father handing him tools, sitting in the living room on Sunday mornings listening to classical music with her mom, and pretending she was darth vader out on the driveway. She spent most of her Friday nights during college at santa clara painting the walls of her dorm room while the rest of campus was out drinking at frat parties. After santa clara she decided she needed to find more like-minded people, and did so at rensselaer polytechnic where she received her M.F.A. in ’98 in electronic arts. She deals with large groups of people by sitting in the corner and coloring… and eventually discovered there was a whole culture of people like that. viola!

a few of her favourite things::

author:: jeanette winterson
vocalist:: diamanda galas
photographer:: cindy sherman / floria sigismondi
installation piece:: duchamps’ Etant Donnes
installation artist::r.gober
drawing::so many, but marcel dzama comes to mind first.
immersive installation experience:: sleep no more
colour:: black
texture:: leather
word:: yes
animal:: boogabean gallery

shannon is currently the design director at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) in Troy, NY where she gleefully blurs the boundaries between work and play every day.


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