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Tino Sehgal

Finally just finished reading last weeks NYT magazine article on Tino Sehgal.  now that i understand his background his pieces make so much more sense to me, i hope i can trek down to experience it soon. yes, i said experience, not see.  I love that it is impossible to explain.  I love that it’s not documented.  it’s the same notion of trying to document a live performance when we all know a mediated experience is just that..  mediated.  only in that moment, at that place, is it truly real.


The most intriguing part begs thinking about the difference between “refocusing human relations” in a museum / art context vs. encountering a similar situation in real life, if that’s possible, and i’m sure he’d say it isn’t – ie: sitting in a park and observing/interacting with people even if it is a construct –  or perhaps that’s the point, he’s bringing a constructed “real life” from outside the walls of an institution and subverting the market economy in doing so.  ah…. good stuff.

Thinking about the difference between creating an “object” in the museum sense — or even in the consumerist sense and creating a perception, a feeling, a thought.  how hard it must be to find a construct that creates a small amount of desired outcomes?  that’s bafflingly hard.

Human relations indeed.

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  1. i wouldn’t have suspected this had been cool just a few years in the past but yet its amusing exactly how time shifts the manner of how you see specific concepts, thank you for the post it happens to be good to look over some thing clever occasionally in lieu of the ordinary trash mascarading as a blog on the web, i’m off to take up a smattering of hands of facebook poker, cheers

    March 20, 2010

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