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Whats on my mind:

oh, lets see:

designing web forms, top, bottom, left, right, one page, many pages, nuking irrelevant content, ditch the waffle, illusion, delight, attention, disneys haunted house, journaling, creative thinking and giving myself time to do so, leonardo, e=mc2, solace, assumptions, inhibitions, persistence, more failure, tessla, escape (to think!), “the first draft of anything is shit” – hemingway, the mobile web, optimized mobile content, testing, testing, testing, the fact that the LDS church has 30 interaction designers, .mobi, context, and afgani food.

stellar magnitudes, color temperatures, photometry, HR diagrams, main sequence and variable stars, astronomical imaging.

friends web woes, friends job woes.


sick kitties, missing home, missing my love.

do you think i’ll be able to sleep?!

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  1. Hmm Tasty! ;). Thanks for sharing

    February 20, 2010

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